"Art is a catalyst for changing the lives of people and communities"


Arun Sivag is a Bangalore-based musician and social entrepreneur. He studied music at the University of Gothenburg, specializing in world percussion while sharpening his knowledge of South Indian folk instruments.aging his international network of artists and philanthropists Arun has gone on to organize and participate in multiple arts exchange and leadership programs between Europe and Southeast Asia in the past decade.

Arun has founded and facilitated several musical projects invested in engaging youth toward holistic social action aimed at aiding people from vulnerable spaces in society. His collaborative organisations include Agnii, Treeonz, Strisvara and Swahaa.

Arun’s latest initiative is Globalkulture, an organization invested in arts education where he works to create platforms for aspiring artists, musicians, and social entrepreneurs who want to work toward creating social impact through the prism of the arts.

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