Arun Sivag

Arun Sivag is a Bangalore-based musician and social entrepreneur. He studied music at the University of Gothenburg, specializing in world percussion while sharpening his knowledge of South Indian folk instruments.Leveraging his international network of artists and philanthropists Arun has gone on to organize and participate in multiple arts exchange and leadership programs between Europe and Southeast Asia in the past decade.

Initiated into percussion music at the age of 7, Arun’s prodigious skills caught the attention of seasoned artists across art forms in his vicinity. In his early teens he got involved with various performance arts including street plays and theatre productions - developing a portfolio that combined his musical prowess and commitment to social sector engagement.

Arun has founded and facilitated several musical projects invested in engaging youth toward holistic social action aimed at aiding people from vulnerable spaces in society. His collaborative organisations include Agnii, Treeonz, Strisvara and Swahaa. Arun’s latest initiative is Globalkulture, an organization invested in arts education where he works to create platforms for aspiring artists, musicians, and social entrepreneurs who want to work toward creating social impact through the prism of the arts.

Musical Journey

Arun Sivag has represented India in more than 20 countries as a musician and a cultural ambassador . To name a few USA , Germany , Sweden, United Kingdom, Japan , Korea , China , Qatar , Abu Dabi , Scotland, France , Italy etc

During his career as a musician, Arun has played for various albums, artists, and projects as a percussionist and creative head. He has played for some of the biggest names in the industry including Bollywood artists like Arijith Singh, Kunal Ghanjawala, Kumar Sanu, Krishna Kumar, Akriti Kakkar, Sivamani, Remo Fernandes, Rabbi Shergill, Bhupinder, Zubeen Garg, Shashi Suman, and Amit Paul.

Besides this, Arun has performed across the country as part of his own band Swahaa (A potpourri of Latin, Samba, Reggae and Indian folk music) and Agnii - Art for all

Past Projects

Den Fule (meaning "The ugly one") was formed primarily from veterans of the 1970s Swedish folk rock scene. The album was described for the Swedish Grammy awards as a blend of jazz, rock, funk and traditional folk music.

The band's music is largely adapted from traditional Nordic folk music, it crosses numerous genres, combining R&B elements with rock riffs and jazz phrasing. The melodic component of the music is dominated by flute and saxophone; numerous tracks are instrumental but male and female vocals are occasionally used.

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