Past Projects

Den Fule (meaning "The ugly one") was formed primarily from veterans of the 1970s Swedish folk rock scene. The album was described for the Swedish Grammy awards as a blend of jazz, rock, funk and traditional folk music.

The band's music is largely adapted from traditional Nordic folk music, it crosses numerous genres, combining R&B elements with rock riffs and jazz phrasing. The melodic component of the music is dominated by flute and saxophone; numerous tracks are instrumental but male and female vocals are occasionally used.

Den Fule came for the first time to India and played for a massive crowd of 5000 people in Bangalore. This was when Arun Sivag realized the need to bring more diverse music to the country from all over the world to bring cultures together.

We Hide You Seek India Tour, 2013

We Hide You Seek was the Arun Sivag’s first international collaboration. The band helped introduce Swedish pop music in India. The band performed in various places in Bangalore like 1MG Road, Counterculture, Urban Solace, Move ‘N’ Pick, Love Shack etc. They also conducted international workshops in Bangalore International Academy on Swedish culture, traditions and music.

Mysore Yuva Dussera Rock Festival, 2014

Organized Karnataka’s first ever rock fest as a part of the 400 year old Mysore Yuva Dussera Festival in 2014. The festival witnessed over 30 bands from all over India coming together to battle for the top 3 places on the big stage for 3 days. This was Mysore’s first experience of rock music and a rock festival. This festival brought the youth of Mysore together and created a space to blend the Old and the New and remove border or inhibitions between them. The oldest band in India, Indian Ocean, headlined the festival. This project was supported by the Government of Karnataka.

Kiriaka India Tour, 2014-15

Kiriaka tour of India 2014-2015 from 28th December 2014 – 5th January 2015: is one such initiative the organization has taken. Kiriaka is a Swedish band that is now famous over 25 countries. The band promotes international peace through the power of music. It considers music to be a tool that can bring about a sense of belongingness across borders and beyond cultures. The band mainly performs in Samba Reggae style. Kiriaka testifies to its belief, through its practice. It’s a league higher than any other band as it promotes gender equality and recognizes the ability of every woman.

Kiriaka is the only drummer band in the world with 26 women artists out of the total 35 artists who are members of the band. The power of music not only touches every soul but brings to light the importance of women empowerment by setting an example from within, breaking stereotypes and exploring a world that the highly cynical of anything transforming. Kiriaka aims at integrating their strengths with the strengths of the common public by bringing out something truly exceptional.

Sweden Tour, 2015

The team performed Indian music and dance with the help of international partners like Kiriaka, Bellaroush, We Hide You Seek and Massive Vibe. The team toured over 5 cities and did workshops on Indian classical music, addressed the power of art on revolutionary change in schools and universities and shared stages with musicians that brought all cultures together . Over 500 Swedish people from all over the country had come to Gothenburg for this event. Overall, the team did 15 shows in 20 days.

Kristian Antilla India Tour, 2015:

Kristian Anttila made his debut in 2003 and has since released 6 albums through the world’s biggest record company, Universal, as well as his own record label. He has had twenty singles on rotation on national radio (Sveriges Radio) and made over 500 gigs spread all over the world as well as collaborated with national heroes such as Sylvia Vrethammar, Olle Ljungström and El Perro Del Mar.

Massive Vibe Live Tour, 2015:

Massive Vibe Live is a world concert series designed to empower and benefit all. Their performances are accompanied by powerful music, striking LED visuals and dance.

Bellaroush India Tour, 2016:

Bellaroush’s music ranges from emotive soul ballads to engaging, energy-laden up-tempo hits, deeply rooted in backbeat rhythms with an edge of electronic and hip-hop. The six-piece band features no less than four singers whose powerful harmonies deliver hard-hitting lyrics about strength, weakness, love, solidarity, protest and revolution.

The band played 10 shows in 2 weeks in different cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi and Chennai. Each show had a minimum of 500 people in the audience watching them.

Markandeya India Tour, 2016:

Spiritual nu-roots. Concious lyrics. Expansive sounds. These are the unique visionary elements that make up Markandeya. From Gothenberg (Sweden Aspiring to be a voice of the times we live in, Markandeya shares uplifting and life-affirming music with real narratives and songs full of meaning and spirit. He spread the values of religion, love for all and the need for universal peace in his messages.

Massive Vibe Live India Tour, 2016:
Strisvara India, 2016:

Strisvara is an empowerment project that facilitates a three-tier collaboration between international, urban and indigenous women musicians to come together and give life to fresh, unique music. The vision of this project is to give women all over the world the chance they deserve to show who they are and where they come from through their music.

Strisvara 2016 comprised of musicians from USA, Sweden, Spain Nepal, Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai and Kerala, including Soliga tribal women from B.R Hills, Karnataka followed by a concert tour in Bangalore and neighboring cities in Karnataka.

The Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka and the U.S Consulate General, Chennai supported this. Strisvara also partnered with various local organizations in Karnataka who supported Strisvara in every possible way. This established a mutual collaboration and a long lasting relationship.

Ylva Myrman and Funky Flakes India Tour, 2017

Ylva Myrman is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden with a big passion for soul music. She and her band has played at several clubs and festivals around Sweden and Ylva is active in several bands in different genres like The Funky Flakes and Ylva Myrman quintet (folk music / jazz). 

The Funky Flakes is a feminist funkband from Gothenburg, Sweden that started in the fall of 2014, lead by singer/songwriter Rebecka Lindstedt. The band consists of nine professional musicians and plays music written and performed by women mixed with Rebecka ́s own compositions. The Funky Flakes plays music by artists like Betty Davis, Chaka Khan, Candy Dulfer, Klymaxx and Brides of Funkenstein.

Ylva and The Funky Flakes toured India for 2 weeks, having played commercial shows in Bangalore’s biggest pubs and social shows for autistic children, and at Lakshadeepotsava, Devanahalli’s biggest music festival featuring 5000 people. The band played 10 concerts in 2 weeks.

Strisvara Sweden, 2017

Strisvara is a project that is for and by women musicians between 18-35 years old. Stri is derived from the Sanskrit word which means ‘woman’ and Svara means ‘tune’. Strisvara, provides a platform that enables collaboration between women musicians from different countries and backgrounds, thereby producing fresh, original unique music. Strisvara Sweden was supported by The Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka, Destination Lofsdalen and Destination Sveg.

International, urban and tribal/ indigenous women musicians voice their tune together as women to make an impact on the world through their music. The vision of the project is to create a platform for women musicians from international backgrounds, urban and tribal to showcase their potential.

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